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DIY CNC Router – It’s Alive! Control Box and Servos up and Running.

Here it is, all the electronics are wired and ready to go. Motors are spinning away :)

I try to go through an overview of all the wiring of the CNC4PC.com C11 breakoutboard, the Keling/Automation Technologies power supply and the Gecko g320x servo drivers.


  1. RoyB says:

    Great job!!! I love the set up and really appreciate you posting all of your blogs. They’re very helpful.

    Quick question: did you have to add a capacitor and resistors to the US Digital E5 encoders and G320x drives to get them to work? (I saw Gecko’s write up on working with HEDS encoders) Or were you able to do it without the modifications?

    I’m working with those now and my servos won’t stop running. When I press on the jog keys I can get it to sputter one direction or the other, but they just keep going. I did turn on the SW6 switch which at least gets it moving. If it’s turned off then I get no response whatsoever and the fault light is on.

    Just wondering if you had any problems with that. THANKS!!!!!

    • admin says:

      Sorry for the delayed response. Evidently wordpress likes to corrupt tables from time to time and take down my site.

      No, actually i didn’t have to add the capacitor or resistors. I have the newer blue g320x I believe and it has that HEDS switch. You can see my discussion of this here:


      Hmmmm…. The only time I’ve had my motors just keep running is if I unplug my encoders… They spin until i plug them back in. Are all your motors doing this? My post before this I put up a video that kind of had a run down of my gecko wiring. I’m about to do another whiteboard animation of it too. So if you can’t find your answer stay tuned!

      • admin says:

        Oh wait, actually I didn’t see where this comment was coming from. This is the video with the gecko wiring quick walk through.

  2. Roy B says:

    I just read your thread on CNCZone and tested my motors again. Looks like I’m having the same problem you did in that the shaft turns 1/3 to 1/4 of a turn and faults. It does this non-stop. I can change directions by pressing my PC keys but it does the same thing, just in the other direction.

    So what worked for you? Was it changing the encoder wires? Setting the encoder line counts?

    Thanks again for the help!

    • Rafael Donadio says:

      Hi. Same issue here!
      If I increase the PID trimpots the motor stops, however with a FAULT status.
      Any solution please? Thanks guys!
      And congrats for this nice blog!

      • ThunderDork says:

        I actually plan on doing a PID explanation video once I have at least have the Z axis going (starting with z and moving out). Doing some research in advance they sent me an excerpt from their FAQ. Their site isn’t built all that great so I had to do some firebug hacking but I got you this link.


        Let me know if that helps. I haven’t tackled fine tuning the PID yet, but check back for that video :)

        edit: I corrected the url. they are using ajax to serve up this content so i had to dig deeper. they must not want it to be googled… weird.

  3. Roy B says:

    Hooray! I figured it out! I had the PID trimpots set too high. It works great now.

  4. Eddie says:

    Great site and thanks for the help, yousite gives a lot of good information! I finally finished my control box http://youtu.be/Kqqd8e760JQ . check out the router its going on http://youtu.be/RQPEvrSS-lY . thanks again for the help

    • ThunderDork says:

      That’s friggin’ awesome! Hope I helped in any sort of fashion. I see you had problems with noise on those encoder cables. I ended up severing the shielding on mine. We’ll see if it causes more problems than it fixes later on. Make sure you post a link here when you get them installed!

  5. Eddie says:

    You did help on the 3rd wire of the servo, I was the tokertwo that ask questions on youtube. I told you about the mmRata VKP60MT512, I wired one up and it gives a stable 5.03V and 12.06 volts on the other 2 outputs when hooked to my 75V power supply. I want to use this but I just got my system running and dont want to take any chances untill I can figure this little item out a little more.but I believe it will replace both the 5V power supply and the 12V power supply and give alot more room and a better appearance.
    If anyone knows enough about electronics to check into this, please do. I cant trust my lack of smarts on the subject enough to try it on such a high dollar system.

  6. Mark says:

    I like the case you built everything into. Where did you purchase the low voltage connectors to plug the motors and other peripherals from?


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DISCLAIMER: This website is for entertainment purposes only. Not a source of professional advice.You can view my disclaimer HERE.